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I have over 12 years experience supporting schools and Local Authorities to maximise the impact ICT can have on their teaching and learning. In my previous role as a the City Learning Centre Manager for Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea I worked with with Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form and Special Schools as well as moving the ICT agenda forward in line with local priorities identified by both Local Authorities.

I have spent many years discovering, introducing, training, piloting, evaluating, rolling out and supporting ICT in schools. Below are a list of my “badges”. But really you need to give me a call as what you want to know is how I can help your school, Local Authority or business.

Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE)

Apple say I am...

“part of a global community of education leaders recognised for doing amazing things with Apple technology. Exploring new ideas, seeking new paths and embracing new opportunities. By engaging learners in powerful new ways, I am fostering unique learning environments that inspire creativity and collaboration.”

But I will let you be the judge of that!! You can find more information on the ADE program at www.apple.com/uk/education/ade.

Accredited London MLE (Fronter) Trainer

I am accredited by Fronter to deliver “Administrator” training to schools. Since 2008 I have been using Fronter with schools across London. Helping them to setup their school, train their staff, get started in the classroom and refine their usage.

Accredited SMART Notebook Trainer

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are not going away anytime soon and after my recent SMART training I can see why. There is life in the old dog yet!! Having worked IWB and delivered training over the past 8 years I know what they can add to a classroom and, more so, to the pupil’s learning experience.